Our Projects

Refurbishment, September 2018

Bulbulir Basa Welfare Society is dedicated to offering a home for some of the many street children, deprived and underprivileged in Kolkata, as well as operating a medical dispensary for the poor. The children attend an English/Bengali secondary  School Monday through Friday, with additional tutorials in the evening, where the boys can study and work on schoolwork. The children have formed a close-knit livng family and have adjusted well to school, as well as maintaining high standards and good discipline. In Kolkata the number of “street children” far exceeds the number of places for them to live.  Another objective of Bulbulir Basa is continue to run an on site medical dispensary offering medical care for the sick and the destitute. The medical care that is offered is free of charge to people of all ages and religions within our community. 

The Bulbulir Basa Welfare Society was founded in December, 2000 as a direct response to the high levels of homeless children/single parent in Kolkata. This boys home provides a safe and secure environment for these vulnerable children. The orphanage is a loving family atmosphere, dedicated to helping the children build character and advance in academics.

Come join our family by volunteering, and experience something life changing.  

It is very important the orphanage maintains consistency in the boy's care. We ask that you consider your travel plans carefully and honor any commitments to volunteer. We prefer you make arrangements one month prior to arrival. 

Future projects


With the help of volunteers coming to stay and/ or raising funds we aim to:

  • Develop a tuition centre to provide computer training and additional tuition to the wider community of children. We have a study room, however at present we only have 4 working computers and require funding to develop this facility.

  • Send all our boys to English Medium school, as of now we can only afford for 2 of the 8 boys to study in English Medium.

  • Take in more boys who are in need, we have the capacity for 15 boys to stay however we need funding for the extra expense of their school fees. 

  • Continue making improvements to the building and facilities here for the boys (decorating, cleaning, improving safety, providing study/ sport/ play materials).